Hedgerow Bustles



Don’t be alarmed, now. Let the piper call you to join, hear the wind blow, and cast shadows taller than your soul, when you’re peacefully rolled to the top of one of the highest lookout points of its kind. The London Eye delivers a sight to behold and a message to contemplate, “when all are one and one is all; to be a rock and not to roll.” Move onward and upward, climbing step by step to the heavens.

Width 17 ¼ 19 ¼ 21 ¼ 23 ¼ 25 ¼
Height 25 ½ 26 27 28 28 ½

This item will ship via USPS. Unfortunately our supply chain is still being impacted by Covid, and because of this, our fulfillment time can be as long as a week.

However, we’re getting faster, and we are now often averaging closer to 5 days.